Road Base Recycled 1 1/2" Minus State Spec Concrete Roadbase


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State Spec Recycled Road Base is a recycled subgrade base material made from recycling of concrete and dirt. This material works as a subgrade base material for under driveways, concrete, asphalt, patios, etc. It is sized as a 1 1/2" Minus Roadbase Material. It adheres to the Recycled State Spec specifications set by UDOT. It also meets A1A but is only 1 1/2" at maximum. 

Best Results: For best results and to reduce weed growth, install base around 3" - 6" deep while compacting using a vibrating plate compactor and spraying with light amount of water while compacting. Typically you will see between 15% - 25% compaction when using a plate compactor. This compaction may require ordering additional material amount that standard coverages indicate. 

  • Using a subgrade base material and properly compacting will help your project last going forward. This is especially important if you are installing a patio or concrete area, where sod or grass used to be as the soil there is not a well graded compactable material in most cases.



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