Premium Organic Compost

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Premium Organic Compost is a dark brown / black colored top dressing mulch. Its made of a blend of composted forest products and black mountain peat moss. This adds organic matter and nutrients to rebuild depleted soils. 

Proper Usage as a Top Dressing: Spread about a 2" - 3" layer over top of the existing garden area and around plants. 

Proper Usage tilling into soil: Spread about a 2" layer over the top of the existing soil and then proceed to till into soil about 3" - 4" deep. This will add life to the soil with high biodiversity of the microbes.


Coverage per Cubic Yard

300 Square Feet
150 Square Feet
100 Square Feet
75 Square Feet
60 Square Feet
50 Square Feet
42 Square Feet
37 Square Feet