Decomposed Granite DG Fines Pathway Material

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Decomposed Granite is a great compactable pathway material. Can be used for walking paths, bike paths, trails, around fire pits, patio areas, etc

Best Results: For best results, install chat or decomposed granite material around 3" deep and compact with a vibrating plate compactor while lightly spraying material with water to keep moisture in while compacting. 


Coverage per Cubic Yard

300 Square Feet
150 Square Feet
100 Square Feet
75 Square Feet
60 Square Feet
50 Square Feet
42 Square Feet
37 Square Feet


Notice: Chat and Decomposed Granite type materials are pathway materials which are a mixture of fine rock and the crusher fines, stone dust, etc. The combination of the 3/8" size particles and the fine material is what makes it a solid compactable material as that will allow it to compress tightly together.