Cedar Mulch

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Cedar Mulch 

BARK SPECIES: Cedar Mulch is a Fibrous Aromatic Mulch. 

Cedar Mulch is an all natural product coming straight from nature. This mulch is aromatic and is used in the landscaping to control weeds and to beautify park strips, road sides, and yards of residential homes and commercial businesses.

Cedar is a dense and moisture retaining mulch that bonds together, mats down and stays in place (great for windy areas and hillsides). Cedar Mulch also has a great benefit in pest control; the oils in the cedar mulch are a natural bug repellent, eliminating the need for expensive and harmful pesticides. 

Minimum Order 5 Cubic Yards


Proper Installation for Weed Prevention:

Spread about 3" - 4" deep layer across existing soil or garden area where you are using the bark or mulch as a top dressing. By using atleast a 3" layer of mulch or bark, you will be blocking out the sunlight from reaching the soil and sprouting weed seeds. Weed barrier is not recommended in areas where using mulch or bark as a top dressing. Weed barrier over time will prevent decomposition of the wood mulch or bark and their nutrients getting into the existing soil. Over time the underlaying soil will die and be completely depleted of necessary nutrients. Also the use of weed barrier will not allow for the mulch to adhere into the soil and keep it in place. During wind storms the weed barrier allows for the mulch and bark to be carried away more than if it was placed directly on the soil. 


Coverage per Cubic Yard

300 Square Feet
150 Square Feet
100 Square Feet
75 Square Feet
60 Square Feet
50 Square Feet
42 Square Feet
37 Square Feet