Peaches & Cream 2" - 4"

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Peaches and Cream Rock 2" - 4" is a decorative landscape gravel and landscaping rocks. This is a peach, orange, white rock and is a great choice. It ls highly unique and looks great in parkstrips, as an accent or as a general landscaping rock.

Best Results: For best results and to reduce weed growth, install rock around 6" deep over top of quality commercial grade weed barrier.


Recommended Depth Rule: The rule of thumb with rock is to install a rock atleast twice the size of the rock not going any less than 2" deep when using small rocks. With a rock that ranges in size from about 2" - 4", average the range at 3" and the minimum recommended depth would be 6" deep. Going less or basing your measurements on less depth will likely show the bare ground beneath the rock or running short. You are welcome to place rock deeper than the minimum recommended. 


Coverage per Cubic Yard

300 Square Feet
150 Square Feet
100 Square Feet
75 Square Feet
60 Square Feet
50 Square Feet
42 Square Feet
37 Square Feet


Notice: Rocks do not come clean. They may contain dust, small amounts of crushing fines, or some dirt stuck to the rocks. This is all due to the crushing or screening process. The images used are normally of the rocks after they have been cleaned off to showcase what the rocks will look like after rain, sprinklers, etc has cleaned them off. It is best to install rocks first, then rinse any dust or dirt off once installed.