Soil Prep Conditioner

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Soil Prep Conditioner is a custom mix soil conditioner with composted forest products and just the right amount of composted steer manure to help alliveate the possible nitrogen depletion that may occur with some varieties of plants. It is Manufactured by Miller Companies in Hyrum, Utah.

Soil Prep Conditioner is an OMRI Listed Product

  •  Use in compacted soils to help break them up.
  • Organics feed the plants while improving soil structure which aids in water retention and drainage.
  • Use as a mulch in vegeatble gardens, flower and shrub beds to aid in water conservation and to help reduce weed infestations.
  • Use as a soil amendment when installing new plants.
  • Use in the late fall to mulch in perennial flowers and roses for winter protection.

Soil Prep Conditioner may be used as a topdressing/mulch or as a soil conditioner.