What Is The Best Material For Landscaping In Utah

Savannah Campbell

It is no secret that Utah is experiencing historic droughts throughout most of the state, and many homeowners are now being tasked with the responsibility and obligation to do something to help. Homeowners are being forced to reduce the amount of water being used both in culinary and secondary, that is, if secondary is available in your area. One of the ways that homeowners can reduce their water usage is by updating and choosing water-saving landscaping options for their homes. One of the ways to make your yard more functional and enjoyable is to consider having some of the items delivered directly to your home. Save yourself some time and stress. Landscaping materials can be hauled right to your door for a much easier project.

Where Should Homeowners Begin?

What would you like to see when you go outside of your home? Deciding what you absolutely want to have and thinking about things that could be changed is important in decision making. When you are ready to decide on what you would like the end result to look like, it is important to find ways to make the dream come true for your yard. When deciding what you would like the end result to look like, consider the following:

How Large is Your Yard?

  • A large yard will require a lot of water to keep green and lush, which may be difficult. What parts of your yard do you actually use, and what parts would you be comfortable converting to a minimal water usage landscape? There isn't a right or wrong answer to this. It is all subjective to what you want your yard to look like and what function you would like. Perhaps you need a large yard to be able to carry out your family's soccer or whiffle ball games. Different sizes of yards come with various perks and obligations.

Is There Lots of Sunshine or Shade? 

  • There are several types of grass seed available to have in your yard. Some grass is more resilient than others. There are grass options available for shady areas and areas in direct sunlight, along with grass seeds that thrive in both. When you have an idea of what parts of your yard you would like grass to be present in, buy the correct type of grass that can flourish.

Where are the Shady or Sunny Spots on Your Property”

  • When considering what sunlight your land gets, or doesn’t get it can be easier to determine what type of landscaping will best serve the area. It is best to go with what you have naturally available to you rather than attempting to keep grass and other plants alive in high temps while still needing to conserve water. If you have areas in your yard that might be getting a little too much sun it could be a good idea to plant a few tress to help provide some shade. 

What Landscaping Needs do You Have?

  • When deciding what type of landscaping is needed, you have to consider what will occur in your yard. Do you have children or pets that will need or want to run around and play? How about other recreational items to consider as well. Would you like to have a fire pit area, playground, or swingset to enhance the recreational side of your yard? Do your landscaping need to support any hopes and desires to grow a garden? Gardens need decent sunlight and water to be able to grow and be harvested. 

What is the  Best Material for Landscaping in Utah?

  • Now that you have had a chance to reflect o what you want and need for your yard, it is the type to start planning the landscaping side of things! Some of the most common elements in landscaping will include the following:
    • Topsoil - Good quality topsoil is a must to be able to grow things in your yard, whether it is grass, plants, or a garden. Before planting any seeds, sod or plants, have topsoil delivered directly to you to spread evenly throughout the area. All growing things need quality topsoil to grow and be provided nutrients to flourish.
    • Rocks - Using rocks is a great way to conserve your water and give your land a significant design element. Using landscape rock in Utah will only add to the appeal of your yard and will be true to the natural beauty that the state provides. Just like the topsoil, have the landscaping rocks and material shipped directly to you
    • Trim - There are trim options available that include bricks, stone, or concrete to create paths and separate areas of your land between grassy and non-grass areas.
    • Plants, Trees, Flowers, and Gardens - What would you like to have in your yard? When considering placement, just like the grass, be careful to plant things where they can thrive. Along with how much sunlight they get, be sure to space the plants according to how they will grow. Be cautious not to plant trees and other large plants too close to your home, and you don’t want the roots to affect the foundation or pipes. 
    • Other landscaping materials you will need, for example, weed guard, gardening tools, wheel barrel, and don’t forget some sunscreen!

Whatever Material You Need, Go With Haul-4-U!

When considering your landscaping needs, remember that regardless of the landscaping choices you make that might be water-friendly or not, your yard will be beautiful because you cared enough to plan it out. If something doesn’t turn out exactly as you had envisioned, that is okay too… things can always be changed.

Utah has harsh winters and dry and hot summers, but there are sweet spots in the spring and fall that offer beautiful landscaping abilities. Utah has plenty of natural resources that can be used to enhance your yard and make it more efficient. In Utah, when considering these elements, remember the best material for landscaping in Utah is to have materials that are water usage friendly, easy to grow, beautiful and can be conveniently shipped to your home.

That’s where Haul-4-U comes in! We’ve got a wide array of landscaping materials for you to choose from. Getting started with us is simple!

  1. Just select the type of material you want
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