3 Landscaping Projects That Will Improve Your Property And Curb Appeal

3 Landscaping Projects That Will Improve Your Property And Curb Appeal

Keaton Winter

One of the wonderful things about landscaping is that there is a huge diversity of projects that you can do to beautify your property. Whether you’re considering xeriscaping, building a pathway, or simply adding groundcover, often some of the most effective projects are DIY projects that can be surprisingly cost effective.

If you’re wanting to increase your curb appeal (or if that’s just a code-word for making your neighbors jealous), then there are many fun projects that can help you do just that. Here are some landscaping projects that you can enjoy for ages to come.

Xeriscape Your Way To The Top

People who have never heard of xeriscaping sometimes might spell it in their minds as “zero-scaping.” In reality, the name comes from the Greek word Xeros, meaning “dry.” True to its name, xeriscaping is an amazing way to boost the beauty of your yard in a very low-maintenance way.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Xeriscaping is also water-wise, which makes it perfect for desert climates like Utah’s and in addition to conserving water, you’ll also be saving yourself a fair amount on your water bill.

To create a xeriscape, there are 7 main principles to follow:

  1. Good Design and Planning: Not only do you want to make it aesthetically pleasing, but also you want to plan your xeriscape based on plant-needs, irrigation, etc.
  2. Choice of Soil: Xeriscaping doesn’t require much water, that’s true, which is why you want a soil heavy in clay or silt or sand. Loamy soil especially holds moisture and will let it filter down to the deep roots of drought-tolerant plants.
  3. Wisely Using Grass: Xeriscaping uses very little turf. Some people get rid of their grass altogether. Using well-planned areas of grass will give you areas to walk as well as children a place to play.
  4. Grouping Plants Based on Their Need for Water: Not all plants have the same watering needs. Some require more than others. Grouping plants based on their similar requirements will save you so much time and effort when it comes to keeping your plants healthy.
  5. Use of Irrigation: Xeriscaping allows you to conserve water by reorganizing your irrigation so that only needed ones remain.
  6. Mulch for Moisture: Mulch retains water, suppresses weeds, and keeps moisture from evaporating, all of which will help your xeriscape. You can use either wood mulch or rock mulch, depending on the look you’re going for.
  7. Maintenance: Xeriscape requires very little upkeep, outside of pulling the occasional weed and raking away leaves during the fall.

Xeriscaping is a great way to beautify your property, improve its curb appeal, and save money while also saving water.

Decomposed Granite Pathway

A decomposed granite pathway is a simple but very effective way to improve the look of your property. It is not difficult, and relatively inexpensive, to complete and will be a project you'll get to enjoy for years to come.

Decomposed granite has been broken down until it is very fine, and it packs together much better than dirt. DG, as it’s often referred to, is very popular for making paths, not just because of how well it holds together but also because it is very pleasing to the eye.

Building a DG pathway can be summed up briefly in 5 steps:

  1. Plot out the shape of your walkway. You can plot the course any variety of different ways, whether that be marking the outlines in paint, rope, stones, or whatever system is most effective for you. You have a lot of freedom in how your path will look. If you want a curve or a straight line, waves or a full-on Z, it’s up to you. From there, excavate the dirt anywhere from 3-4” deep.
  2. Line the path with your header boards. You want the header boards to be 1” below the surface. This allows for the DG to cover the entirety of the surface when the time comes.
  3. Time to add your first layer. Fill in the first 1.5” with the decomposed granite and then soak it with water. Let it sit for around 8 hours maximum before compacting it by laying down a large flat wooden board on top of the surface and walking over it. If you have a heavy roller or a vibrating plate compactor, all the better.
  4. Add a second layer. Again, lay down 1.5” of DG and soak with water, then let sit for another 8 hours. Compact again. Remember, each time you compact the granite, it should lose that additional 0.5”, so you will most likely wish to add another layer in order to make it flush with the surface.
  5. Add your finishing touches and take care. Some people enjoy lightly raking the surface of the path to make it look more natural. Otherwise, enjoy your new walkway. You can be proud of yourself for having accomplished such an amazing project.

Decomposed granite paths are made even more enjoyable by a well-kept garden or shade trees on its sides. Who knows, perhaps this walkway will give you inspiration for other landscaping projects.

Refresh Your Yard With Eye-Catching Groundcover

This is one of the fastest, most cost-effective, and most creatively-free forms of landscaping to improve your lawn.

You can use a variety of different mulches, rocks, pebbles, gravel, sand, and more, and the projects can be as diverse as the materials.

  • You can create borders and walkways to your lawns and gardens
  • Freshen up the beds around your trees with thin layers of mulch
  • Add pebbles, river stones, or other landscaping rocks as a barrier around your flowerbeds

You’ve got countless possibilities and can let yourself be guided by what makes you happy.

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